Even people who do not consider themselves vain appreciate having a nice smile. When you can smile with confidence the world around you seems to change. If your smile reveals unsightly crowding of teeth, misalignments or you’re not happy with the gaps in your teeth, you may consider getting braces to straighten and realign your teeth for a more beautiful smile.

Effective Short Term Orthodontics

Spanaway Family Dentistry offers short term orthodontics and dental treatments for simple, cosmetic fixes to overcrowded, gapped and misaligned teeth. Traditional braces may be called for in the case of more complex posterior malocclusion. However, particularly where front teeth are concerned problematic, placement can usually be corrected in a matter of several months and at only 30-40% the cost of conventional long-term orthodontics. Those considered for this type of orthodontic work are older teens and adults. A free consultation with Dr. Lee will provide you with all the information you need to decide about braces, once he makes the determination that you are an eligible candidate.

Adult Clear Braces

Six Month Smiles Teeth Whitening Spanaway WAMany adults considering braces have concerns about wearing them. Thoughts hearken back to the days when kids were called “metal mouth” and other unflattering names as the sun glinted off big metal braces. Fortunately things have changed considerably. There are now methods of moving teeth that do not require the traditional obvious brackets and wires that were so popular decades ago. Adults now have the option of wearing clear braces with a system that moves teeth faster than traditional braces.

Your smile says a lot about you. If you have been shy or self-conscious about your smile because of poorly positioned teeth, you can change all that at Spanaway Family Dentistry. Contact us today for a consultation with Dr. Lee to determine what your options are. You could have a brand new smile is just a matter of months.

Six Month Smiles - Before & Afters

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