No one wants to have teeth removed if it can be avoided. Dr. Kwansoo Lee is particularly aware of the issues arising when teeth must be extracted, always taking the patient’s best interest into account, Dr. Lee practices conservative dental care treatments and goes to great lengths to save or repair your natural teeth. There are times however when this is not an option and the tooth or teeth must be extracted. If a tooth is in such condition that extraction is unavoidable, Dr. Lee will make the recommendation.

Patients needing an extraction will find the comfort of care at Spanaway Family Dentistry exceptional. We do everything in our power to make sure the extraction is preformed under comfortable and relaxed conditions. Most extractions are simple procedures, particularly where anterior or teeth toward the front of your mouth are concerned. These teeth have one root and, under most circumstances, are easily removed. Posterior teeth have two to three roots and can take a little more effort, but again, the procedure is generally routine. Dr. Lee is careful not to traumatize the surrounding soft tissue and bone any more than necessary. This is for the patient’s comfort as well as to aid healing.

Impacted or Damaged Tooth Removal

When a tooth does not have enough room to emerge or develop normally, it becomes impacted. Such is often the case with wisdom teeth. The impaction causes pressure on the nerves leading to the tooth and the neighboring tooth. This pressure can cause severe pain in some instances. They are the last teeth to erupt, usually doing so in the late teens or early adulthood. With regular dental exams, Dr. Lee may be able to advise the patient when the wisdom teeth should be removed to avoid the painful eruption process. In the event that the tooth is already impacted and extraction is indicated, he will thoroughly explain the procedure. Damaged teeth in need of removal and impacted teeth often take a little longer to extract. In all cases, Dr. Lee and his team will work to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed during the process.

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